On Coming Home

Image: Bernth Uhno, The Reciprocal Relationship between Man and Nature. http://www.uhno.se/sym.html

Opening the gates to LOVE

Yesterday was September 27, 2016, the third 999 portal in September 2016 (the other two were on 9/9 and 9/18). The first two were bringing energies to help us cleanse and release, and to remember who we are and why we came here. To release old stories that take us away from the truth of who we are, and to seek to remember what gifts we carry for the whole.

Some of you may have felt you were going through the ringer these past weeks, with lots of emotions, memories, people and experiences from the past coming back into your life. It was an opportunity to release, to approach things in a new way, to release old story about who “I/we” and “they” are.

You may have heard me say this bef0re:

You are loved. You are a blessing. You are sacred just the way you are. You have dignity. You have wisdom and gifts for the whole.

Do you believe that about yourself? Do you believe that about the others around you? What would it look like to be part of a world where this is how we see one another, human and non-human?

This third 999 portal is an invitation to shift into a news state of consciousness, to operate from Love/Connection rather than Fear/Separation. And so many of us are accepting that invitation. The releasing of past trauma was necessary to step into this, and I know it has not been easy for many of you. I thank you because each one of us is doing out part to bring a new world into being. What joy it brings to see that, and to feel how it is changing the vibrations on Earth at this time.

Many of you are also exploring the balance of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine within you, regardless of your gender. Embrace it all, and honor it all within you, so you can find balance and bring that energy into the world. It means we can find joy in releasing limiting definitions we have inherited about who we are, and who others are. Continue to release judgments about self and others, and anything else that is a barrier to love.

Welcome the parts of you home that have been away for so long. Oftentimes they left because of trauma and protection, adapting to challenging conditions. Accept that this was adaptive at the time, that you were doing the best you could in the conditions you were in, and that you are now in a place where you can reclaim those lost parts of yourself and allow them to breathe new love and life into you.

Know that others are in the same struggle around you. Take time to tend to a healthy balance for your mind/body/spirit/emotions. Be patient and compassionate with one another, and remember to protect and love one another around those who are continuing to cling to fear and separation at this time.

Libra, Keturah Ariel. Zodiac series. http://blackourstory.tumbler.com/post/105554091574/keturahariel-libra-keturah-ariel-zodiac

Libra New Moon – Friday September 30, 2016

Libra is all about balance and justice. Issues of injustice continue to be brought forward at this time, to bring us back into right relationship with the Earth and with one another.

It is a time to join those standing for love of life and right relationship. Whether it is holding space to heal others, and/or supporting Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, indigenous peoples, or women rising in defense of love and life, find a way to support and engage with others. We each have a role to play in this time.

New moons are always a great time to plant new seeds for the future. What we point our attention to grows. Focus on gratitude, kindness, and love where you can. Be humble, open, and in the flow to what is emergent rather than trying to control others or situations, and you will find this time to be more easeful.

Many years ago I worked at a veterinary hospital and when an animal came infected, we often had to open up the wound to cleanse the pus and unhealthy tissue out in order for healing to being. In many ways that is what humanity is going through right now. It is unpleasant to see what is surfacing, and it is necessary to our collective healing. I share that to help you understand that the chaos surrounding us, the ugly things we see surfacing in humanity, is a painful, uncomfortable precursor to healing. We cannot heal what is not surfaced and released.

In that context, we must focus on our sovereignty, our power, and the power other beings have, the power we have TOGETHER to make the world anew.  If we want to create a world with peace and justice for ALL, we have to focus on what is in the way of manifesting this, and it always comes back to fear, separation, and limiting beliefs. Humility and service is key, and noting whether your power is WITH others, and not OVER others. Does your power hold space to see and honor the power and gifts of others, especially those holding gifts and ways of knowing that are very different than yours? Is your power sourced from from ego and fear? Or from love,  inner connection to Source, and a desire to be of service?

Though it may be hard, have compassion for those around you based in fear, separation and arrogance. And lovingly protect your own energies from their own. Serve to amplify the new story and the ways courage, justice, love and connection is showing up in the world, especially if you want more of that to occur.

As the vibrations here on earth are rising quickly, we are approaching a time when those of us here will be able to manifest the new world quickly, much more quickly than we could have imagined before. I know this is hard for many of you to believe right now, but it is true.

Part of why this has been on hold is because a certain tipping point of folks healing, releasing, and operating from love and connection had to be present in order to make sure what we manifest next together would be different from what we have known before. Surrender to love. Seek the time and support you need to remember who you are and what you came here to offer to the whole. It is an investment that will reap rewards your ego simply cannot imagine right now.

If you are feeling the call to serve humanity’s ascension and spiritual evolution right now, and need support and counsel, I am available for one on one sessions. Deep bows to you all for choosing to be alive at this time. It is a gift and a responsibility. May it be joyous and liberating time for you and for all beings…

With love,

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999 – Of Prophecy and Transformation

galaxy in a free space
Triple 9 dates September 2016

Warm greetings Beloved Ones

so much to share with you at this time. A number of you are reaching out about the times we are in, wanting more information about a few things. Since there is only one of me and many of you, will start sharing this way so it can reach you more quickly.

  • What is this Triple 9 date about?
  • Why am I and many others experiencing these specific physical and emotional challenges all of the sudden? What can I do about it?
  • How does this relate to Indigenous Prophecy and events that are happening in the world right now?
  • Now that I have more information, what can I do to support the collective consciousness shifts happening right now?

Triple 9

In Numerology, 9 dates are auspicious for completions/endings before beginnings or stages of life. For the Maya, 9 (Bolon) has special meaning as the number of life, creation (9 month human gestation), and is associated with women, pregnancy, and the 9 lunar cycles in the tzolkin calendar. The Maya think about life occurring in natural cycles of time, with specific moments for reflection and transition for the next stage of development.

In numerology, multiple 9 days carry special significance: 9.9.9 (2016 reduces to 9) is what the guides have been referring to as The Day of Completion. We are approaching the 9th day of the 9th month in a 9 year. Then again on the 18th (1+8=9) and the 27th (2+7=9) we have additional opportunities to reach deeper levels of integrity within our self. It’s a multilayered, multidimensional, multifaceted, journey through self that we have been on for the past 9 years. The energies that are present have no agenda other than the illumination of truth. They don’t pick sides and there is no right or wrong. There is only truth.” —Andrew Martin
Read more here  http://thelightedones.com/the-day-of-completion/

Today, as well as September 27, are days to look at what we need to let go of. What stories, habits, beliefs, relationships, personal items, agreements no longer serve our current state of evolution or consciousness as an individual? What luggage is keeping us from traveling or moving forward easefully? Where can we thank something or someone for what they gave or taught us, where they served our development and growth, then let it go as easefully and lovingly as we are able? And importantly, what stories, habits, beliefs, relationships, personal items, agreements no longer serve our collective state of evolution or consciousness? The time is ripe for this release.

Symptoms of “The Shift”

We are in a time of consciousness shift on Earth, moving from a 3-dimensional consciousness to a 5-dimensional consciousness, which I will call 3D and 5D here. (There are dimensions beyond this, but most folks are in this particular transition right now so that is the information that is relevant and useful at the moment.) Some folks like to call this “Ascension” or “5D Shift”. Knowing we are going through this right now is helpful for understanding specific physical or emotional  symptoms you or others may be going through rather suddenly.

Do not be alarmed if you are experiencing unusual and sudden headaches, ears ringing, blurry vision, joint pain, wide changes in your usual appetite, food cravings, and/or sleep patterns, as well as very old emotions coming up.Some of this is release of trauma and emotions from the past that no longer serve us. Some of these symptoms are about “rewiring” or “reconfiguring” our body for the higher vibrations and frequencies of a 5D planet, a system upgrade so to speak. Like your computer, we need some time to download and install a new operating system, and sometimes we need to uninstall a few items before we do so! I’ve been experiencing increased vibrations on my crown chakra and 3rd eye area, blurry vision, lack of appetite, as well as something like heart “flutters” on occasion, for example. Grateful for it all.

Rest when you can without feeling guilty for needing more rest than usual. Try to feel and then release, so you can let go of old trauma and story and move forward lighter. Spending time in nature, taking herbal baths and foot soaks, drinking purified clean water, eating healthy plant based food, superfoods, and probiotics may be helpful at this time.  Gentle movement like yoga or tai chi, swimming, and seeking out healing modalities that call to you can also help. One thing that helps me: when I am showering or bathing, I  thank Sacred Waters for helping me to release what is not mine to carry or no longer serves me, and I thank the plant medicines I work with too. I also bow in gratitude to the water. I do this especially after seeing healing and energetic cleansing clients. Smudging, Moon Circle, hot compress on the head, music, dance, movement, drumming have all been helping me too. It may look different for you. Listen to your body.  It holds wisdom for you!

All Warriors of Love are needed, and the more we resist love and healing in the months ahead, the harder it will feel in the body. At the end of this article you can read more about 3D and 5D if you are interested in more information. 


Pumayana, New Earth. See more beautiful art on this website

Current Events

Many peoples carry medicine  and ways of BEING that helps us to be in 4D and 5D consciousness. Many indigenous peoples around the world have prophecy about this time of transition we find ourselves in. Many of us are in prayer, action, and service during this time of transition, and this is our purpose, to play one part among many,  in serving Love right now. Here are some links to Current Events and Prophecies related to this time:

There are many other Warriors of Love taking action this weekend, too many to name here. Truthfully all are needed, so their omission here is not a slight. I am sure yo9u know some of them. Many people are waking up now, and each one of us has a different tole to play.

What can I do to support the collective consciousness shifts happening right now?

First, be conscious of what is wanting to be healed and released in you. Our western mind often tells us we need to be DOING, DOING, DOING and this is some of what has gotten into this chaos to begin with. Ego identification, obsession with productivity, and wanting it to be “over with” as fast as possible can happen even with this process, even though it is part of the old way. Productivity has its time and place but is out of balance for most of us.  Slow down, listen to your heart, to the land, to others (human and otherwise). Seek support for doing this if it is new to you. For many it is and that is OK as long as we are humble and willing to learn.

If you are able, send support and supplies to Standing Rock. Write letters for #NoDAPL. Some of us are leaving our jobs to do this healing work (including me!), or are elders in service to humanity and transition at this time. Please support elders, teachers, healers, indigenous leaders, ceremony keepers, truth tellers by contributing through time, talent, volunteering, donating, whatever spirit calls you to…


All of this is information that has been generously shared with me, or come to me via spiritual message and ancestors. I am sharing as it was generously shared with me. If this does not resonate with you, that is your decision and it’s fine. No need to argue with me, or try to convince me. Simply live your own truth, with love and gratitude and love for that which is in your life. This I what I wish for you, for everyone.

If you need additional support I am available for a limited number of individual healing sessions or spiritual coaching, and I prefer to do so for those who are being called to serve and step into their purpose and are aware that healing support is necessary for them to do so in a good way. You know who you are.

Spirit and ancestors are calling me to several specific projects right now related to land trusts, establishing a healing and education center, preparing to teach others indigenous medicine soon, transformative leadership trainings, writing and speaking, release of my first book on mindfulness, and fundraising and support for indigenous leaders of Peace and Dignity journeys in Nicaragua, so I must focus most of my time in these areas. None of this is regularly paid work, but it is what I am to focus on right now if I am to be of service.

I will post more updates like this here soon, so you can follow me via this blog or facebook to stay up on on future news.


Much love on your journey,


P.S. for those of you who want a little more info on 3D and 5D:

3D is what many of us have experienced collectively on Earth up until recently. It can be characterized by focus on the material world, lower vibration or frequency, and in unskillful forms can focus on duality, isolation, power over others, control, and the elevation of the mental and thought processes to a “god-like” status. While there is nothing wrong with understanding or operating in the 3D or material realm, it is not the only way of operating or of “knowing” in the world. We are mostly operating from fear, and have limited ideas about space and time.

4D is a transitional place, a way station of sorts, which requires us to let go of rigid and linear ways of thinking.and open to other ways of knowing and understanding from other planes of existence (shamanic medicine, ancestor messages, spirit guides, astral planes, etc.) In unskillful forms, 4D can focus on using these ways of knowing primarily for personal gain and power, being preachy or judgmental with others, using these abilities to harm others, seeing things as black and white (good vs evil, light vs darkness, etc.). We are operating with this newfound knowledge though there is a danger in using it toward personal will or material wealth only.

5D is where we are headed. In 5D consciousness we operate from LOVE. This requires us to let go of personal ego or will, with a desire to serve Divine will, co-creation with the Universe, and manifestation for collective liberation and well being. We see ourselves as interconnected not just on Earth but in the Universe too, and we love and see the dignity in all beings (including non-human). We express gratitude for life, trust in the abundance of the Universe as we are in the flow and in relationship with others, and share our gifts freely and lovingly.

We can think of these as developmental stages, helping us to deepen our sense of love. This transition on earth is accelerating right now for reasons I will not go into here, except to say that this means that the frequencies and vibrations are changing all around us. This may cause elevated fear for those who are stuck in 3D consciousness, and are choosing consciously or unconsciously to resist change and their own moving forward at this time. Much like a cornered and fearful animal, they may lash out and harm themselves or those around them. We must love and protect one another as best we can, though remember that we cannot change others, only ourselves. We are all sovereign beings and our choice to grow or develop in any given moment is ours alone to make.

If you wish to go deeper, I will be posting more in the future so stay tuned.

Will leave you with a quote from my friend Anasa Troutman:
“How can I hold the need for justice and the fact that you just did something that was unjust and need to be held accountable with the fact that we need to restore love, peace and harmony? I know you didn’t ask me part of this, but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about with love.”

Ancestor love & next steps on this journey…

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
~Author Unknown

Yesterday was my 47th birthday, yet another trip around Grandfather Sun. Feeling so touched by the precious conversations in my home, ones dreaming up a new world based in sacred economy, localized economies based in love, and in reclaiming our relationship to land and each other. Also got to thumb through a proof copy of Love with Power, a report soon to be released by Movement Strategy Center. A labor of love Kristen Zimmerman has shepherded for many years, and I cannot wait to hold the final printed version in my hands soon! Then had the honor of offering a limpia to a beautiful young woman, and went to a joyful dinner with my husband Rick. This sacred time with people I love and offering traditional medicine to others is the best birthday gift I could ask for!

Postcard typewriter

I am thankful for the opportunity to have served as Center Director at East Bay Meditation Center the last two years. What a deep learning experience it has been, and each person and each conversation shared there has given and taught me so much. I recently stepped away from this position, and many folks are curious about what is next for me, too many to respond to, though I am slowly making my way through the many emails and phone calls (thanks for you patience!). I do plan to continue supporting EBMC because the work there is so important, and I am looking forward to attending Wed Midday Sangha again soon for meditation and potluck lunch together. 🙂

These past weeks I have had so many conversations with dear friends about what spirit is calling me, and us, to do in this moment. The alignment and synchronicity was delicious and so abundantly clear it was unmistakable. Being called to build a new world for humanity together, sacred/local/interconnected economies, being called to share ancestor’s medicine and to continue to heal together as a community, in humble relationship with each other and with the sacred plants and ancestors that wish to assist us. Lots of folks and ancestors asking me to write as well, so I am grateful for the clearings in time for me to start doing so. So many stars aligning, and I am grateful to witness what wants to born through us at this time.

I recently gave talks at Thrive East Bay, Mindful Life Conference, and at Naropa University‘s commencement ceremony. I also was invited to offer/teach energetic space cleansing ceremony at Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic and at Ancestral Apothecary this week. In all these spaces I felt my grandmother guiding my words and sharings, calling me further on the medicine path. I am so grateful to her for this gift. I am also deeply grateful for my familia. My wonderful husband Rick, my parents, my siblings, and many family members near and far. I know you are my foundation and touchstone to be able to do all spirit is asking of me in these times. Your support means the world to me.

More photos: www.dailycamera.comAutumn Parry/Staff Photographer May 8, 2016
Brenda Salgado, former center director at East Bay Meditation Center, gives the commencement address for Naropa’s graduation ceremony at Macky Auditorium on Sunday. More photos: http://www.dailycamera.com Autumn Parry/Staff Photographer May 8, 2016

This love letter to the world, to the heart based imagineers of the new world that have been gathering in my home these past weeks, to ancestors, to the directions and elements, to the sacred waters, to the plantitas that have been so generous in healing me and others this week, is offered with so much reverence.

Lavender oil with fresh flowers. Healthy herbs
Love and reverence to the sacred plants that assisted me and many others this week with their beautiful medicine. May we remember to honor your many gifts to us.

On this blog, I will be sharing updates about what spirit is calling me to do in these times. It has a great deal to do with sacred localized economies, sharing the medicine more widely, community healing ceremony, Peace and Dignity Journeys Nicaragua and the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, supporting those working on the rising of the Condor Medicine / Sacred Feminine in and around us to bring us back into balance, writing, and reclaiming our relationship to land and each other. Some exciting developments in this front coming in June. Stay tuned!

So many beings to thank on this journey, as I know I do not walk this path alone. Humbled and blessed to be unfolding and surrendering with you on our paths of service. Too many to name here though you know who you are! Our conversations these past three weeks have been such an affirmation to me of this path ahead.

In closing want to offer you an invitation to share in a blessing, one modified from one given to me by a beloved elder, Jerry Tello

I invite you to say the following words aloud to yourself: I am LOVED. I am a BLESSING.
I am SACRED JUST THE WAY I AM. I have DIGNITY. I have WISDOM and GIFTS for the whole.

Now I invite you to say those words to another: You are LOVED. You are a BLESSING. You are SACRED JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. You have DIGNITY. You have WISDOM and GIFTS for the whole.

Repeat often!

Signing off now to sing and drum to the earth and plant ruda, holy basil, mache, purslane, cilantro, and corn with my sweetheart Rick. Life is good. 🙂

Much Love, Brenda

Postcard FRON MODIFIED no phone

abuelos 2
Abuelita Maria in Nicaragua. Maternal grandmother. Tlazocamati!